We encourage student retention

Through socio-educational support, Communications and Data Analytics.

About us

We seek to reduce student dropout levels in Colombia

This being our way of contributing to the achievement of a country with more education and consequently with more development.

Identify students with vulnerabilities and comprehensively match them, through an ecosystem of strategies

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We provide the following services

Academic support

We offer specialized services that aim to implement:

Mentoring / Level Up with Antivirus / Study Groups


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About our team

Carlos Vásquez Restrepo


Astrid Franco

Coordinadora Área Social

Luis Fernando Sánchez


Karen González

Coordinadora Área Evaluación y Datos

Víctor Manuel Valencia


Jazmín Alzate

Coordinadora Alianzas y Cooperación

David Santiago Botero

Coordinador Área Legal

Daniela Correa

Coordinadora Área Comunicaciones

Luis Fernando González

Coordinador Área Administrativa y Financiera